Choosing the Right Press Release Service for Your Needs


Press releases will never lose its cachet as a public relations tool. They are usually the first information a customer will get regarding a company’s new product or activity. The press releases can likewise arouse the interest of newspersons and compel them to seek an interview with the company for future write-ups or even interest them in featuring the subject of the release in an in-depth article.

The challenge for you is deciding how to disseminate your press release. Businesses usually use an established press release service to give them sweeping coverage and top placements. There are a number of paid press release distribution services out there. Prior to signing a service, it is crucial that the one you choose suits your needs and means. Availing of a press release service will cost you so take the following into consideration.

Take note of the length of your press release.

You should watch the span of your release. Lots of press release services have earmarked a certain word count and anything beyond the limit is chargeable. Familiarize yourself with the word count requirement of the service you have in mind. Some services can tweak the release so it will fit within the allotted word count while the longer article can be posted on your webpage. To learn more about press release services, visit

Keep in mind your major target markets.

A service usually dispenses various target dissemination options based on the topic or locale. Geographically, the distribution can be done internationally, nationally, regionally, or by state. Services can also distribute by topic so your release can end up in the inbox of reporters or editors in charge of technology, lifestyle or sports. The services can assist you in targeting demographics such as Hispanics, students, Christians, etc.

Establish if your release can be enhanced with a photo or a form of multimedia. Whenever a photo, multimedia file or logo will be useful, take it up with the service ahead of time so you can be apprised of the added cost. Each press release service has its own way of handling these. Check out the free press release distribution.

Evaluate your release for SEO optimization.

Ensure that your article is all set for search engine optimization. Are the elements for improving online search for your press release present? There are a number of services that include search engine optimization in their dissemination so you may want to keep them in mind. Elevated online visibility is a significant edge when using a paid press release service.

Take into account the outlay.

How much you will spend on a press release service will vary greatly based on the chosen type of distribution, the inclusion of photos and multimedia files, and the word count. Save money by using the appropriate national, international, regional or state distribution that suits your company’s needs for online visibility.


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